Martinis and Marketing (Virtual) – January 12, 2021



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Tuesday, January 12th, 2021
9:30AM to 4:30PM CT
Via Zoom

Martinis and Marketing

Legendary ad man David Ogilvy said ads written well with proper strategy work nineteen times better than ones without. Nineteen times. If your business could use some o’ that ju-ju, grab a seat at Martinis and Marketing – a one-day marketing workshop with a couple of swingin’ cocktail parties thrown in.

The whole affair is hosted and taught by two marketing experts who’ve been formulating strategy, buying the proper primary media(most often at the exclusion of any other), and creating effective campaigns for their clients since before the turn of the century.

Warning: For all the promise of fun that comes with a name like ‘Martinis & Marketing” this is practical workshop – one packed to the brim with more doing than watching. If, to you, fun is hurling your enterprise forward in one epic, hard working day – you’ll have a blast. You’ll produce a complete marketing plan unique to you and your enterprise, write months of your ad campaign, and layout a media plan ready to put in place. With help from a couple fellas who’ve each helped grow a couple hundred businesses just like yours, you’ll:

– learn market research techniques that will help you evaluate your product or service in terms of purchase cycle and audience
– determine your ad budget
– learn how that budget number + your reality should drive your marketing strategy and media choice
– gain critical insight into media buying strategy most owners/operators never hear about or understand. You’ll leave ready to buy media like a pro. Doing so can net you 20% – 30% more media for your money
– learn what really makes ads work, and more importantly, how to create entire campaigns that create long term top of mind awareness and good feelings about your offering pre-sale

This is the whole shebang. The kit and the kaboodle. Martinis & Marketing is a can’t miss class for media pros, owner operators, ad junkies/masochists interested in how this sausage is made.

“What surprised me? How much common ad knowledge and practice is completely counterproductive. Like reaching as many people as possible. Johnny and Chris showed me how dangerous this widespread tactic is, and gave me the clear alternative.”

– Melissa Kunde, Owner KUCO Media


“Consistent, familiar and frequent. Martinis & Marketing got me to understand the magic of that combination. And taught me what that means day to day.”

– Brandon Cason, marketing director – Deep Eddy Vodka/Waterloo Sparkling Water


1 day – 9:30am to 4:30pm CT
Via Zoom

Price: $750

(Academy alumni receive a 50 percent discount.)

This class is taught by Chris Maddock and Johnny Molson.