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Taught by Jean Carpenter Backus aka The Naked Accountant

$2000 (AcadGrad discount available)


This is a two-day hands-on financial workshop for women only (sorry guys). We hear about the theories and philosophies of what works in the financial world. We read about them. We have even seen step by step instructions of how to save more money or make more money or be smarter about money. Sometimes; however, we don’t know how to apply this information, to know what options are best for our particular financial situation. It is easy to do nothing for fear that the wrong choice will be made and our money will simply disappear. Therefore, we do nothing. Sometimes our eyes glaze over and our brain freezes with overwhelm. Again, not knowing what to do, we do nothing. Our fear keeps us financially paralyzed. Do you ever wonder if you are alone? Come see the ‘Gallery of Fear’, pick out yours, look it in the eye and say, “Bring it on!”

This workshop is not just about theory or philosophy. This workshop is about practical application using proven methods that work in the unique Wizard Academy style (think fun, adventure and safety. One thing we girls know how to do is HAVE FUN, right? …thank you Cindy Lauper!).

Financial fear can be debilitating and can make us do strange things that we don’t even understand. This fear can even manufacture a bully inside us that goes into destructive action creating financial drama that we later regret. I think fear is merely ‘False Events Appearing Real’.

Are you ready to navigate through this financial fear and find out what is on the other side? Are you ready to remove the mystery that keeps you from a prosperous lifestyle?  I have developed a proven system using fun exercises and games that will assist you in kicking your financial fear’s butt and creating a yellow brick road to your unique financial identity.

Here is what you will take away.

1.  Identify your starting point
2. Learn how being present can create a magical elixir for getting the financial results you desire
3.  Learn how to sculpt your financial life
4.  Learn how to consciously deal with your fear so you don’t jump onto the poverty cycle
5.  Learn how to stay on the prosperity cycle
6.  Discover your unique financial identity and financial muse
7.  Map your yellow brick road to financial freedom
8.  Learn how to choose solution over drama

Come have fun with me at the unparalleled Wizard Academy where you will learn how to have fun and make money!

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