Money & Love Getaway – February 13-14




 Thursday, February 13th to Friday, February 14th

Take a world-renowned marriage counselor,

Add in a bean counter/financial therapist,

Toss in some great food and wine and the architectural romance

of Wizard Academy’s storied campus and the secluded country luxury of Engelbrecht House, and you’ve got The Money & Love Getaway, a sort of Romantic Getaway/ Financial Rehab for happily married couples.

It’s not just when money is in short supply that we argue about it.

Rich people argue about money just as often as everyone else.

Money is important. Money triggers arguments.

We can teach you how to sidestep all that.

Once again, the door of opportunity has been left wide open for Wizard Academy to trailblaze a couples class about money. Have you ever noticed that we don’t wait for a thing to become mainstream before we teach it?

We don’t struggle to “think outside the box.” In fact, we’ve never even seen “the box.” Wouldn’t recognize it if it flew into our face on a windy day.

The financial reality of life in America

is that a family of two often becomes a family of three or four or more and then you’re asked to play a game called MONEY but no one tells you the rules. So you make them up. And then you break them.

Do you have rules that govern the finances in your family? How is that working for you?

Do you wonder if you’re making the best financial decisions for your family? Are you concerned about your future? Your children’s? Your parents? Do you always get frustrated when you talk about money with your significant other? Are you financially aligned or financially exhausted? Do you think, “If only he/she understood?” You are not alone. Your mate feels exactly the same way.

Jean Carpenter-Backus, CPA and CFP has 35 years of experience in the mysterious world of money. Her popular financial classes ALWAYS sell out.

The witty and renowned Dr. Richard D. (Nick) Grant is a Consulting Psychologist and Marriage Counselor, and a University of Texas lecturer in Consumer Behavior. He is also a comforting expert when it comes to personality types and their preferences. Nick will put tools in your toolbox to tame the wild emotions that lead to financial secrets, financial fear, and financial catastrophe.

You will:

–  Refine your communication skills so that financial meltdowns are avoided

–  Discover how your personal preferences play a huge role in financial alignment

–   Your strong suit based on your Myers-Briggs type indicator so you learn –  Learning the magic formula that will help you either make money, save money or relieve the anxiety around money

–  Drink the secret elixir of financial sobriety

–  Learn simple solutions to everyday financial problems

– Enjoy a truly fabulous 3 nights together. The days in-between will be great, too.

Disclaimer:  This class is not about how to make you rich or reduce your taxes. It is about reducing stress and eliminating arguments and avoiding common, costly financial mistakes.

You will be guided

through simple and fun exercises (Wizard Academy style, of course,) that will teach you how to handle money successfully as a couple. We’ll give you a fill-in-the-blanks approach that will make creating & reaching your goals so easy that it will seem like magic. That’s why they call this place Wizard Academy, I think.

We’re strictly limited to twelve couples who can stay in Englebrecht House. It is 2 days, 3 nights and $2500 per couple. Of course, if either of you is an alumni, the 50% discount applies ($1250 per couple, what a deal!)

You can have financial peace of mind and a lot less friction about money. We promise.

Jean Carpenter Backus and Dr. Richard D. Grant

$2,500 per couple

Acadgrads receive a 50% discount, as always (use the coupon code “alumni” when you are checking out.

If you have any questions, you can contact Daniel Whittington at or 512-720-8801.