Romantic Getaway Weekend – February 13-14




 Friday, February 13th and Saturday, February 14th
Two memorable days. Three unforgettable nights.

Take a world-renowned marriage counselor…
Toss in a financial advisor who understands how money can screw up a marriage…
Mix with great food and unending wine…
and the architectural romance of the academy’s mythic campus…
and the secluded luxury of Engelbrecht House and Spence Manor…
and you’ve got a Romantic Getaway Weekend for happy couples.

We don’t struggle to “think outside the box.”
In fact, we’ve never even seen the box.
Wouldn’t recognize it if it flew into our face on a windy day.

The witty and beloved Dr. Richard D. (Nick) Grant is a Consulting Psychologist and Marriage Counselor, as well as a University of Texas lecturer in Consumer Behavior. He’s also an amazing companion and guide into the nuances of relationships.

Jean Carpenter-Backus, CPA and CFP has 35 years of experience in the mysterious world of money. Her popular financial classes ALWAYS sell out. Nick Grant and Jean Backus are the left jab, right hook combination of a knockout punch to marital friction.

You’re already happy together.
You’re going to leave here even happier.

You will:

–  Refine your communication skills so that meltdowns are avoided

–  Discover how your personal preferences play a huge role in marital communication

–  Learn simple solutions to everyday frustrations and misunderstandings

– Enjoy a truly fabulous 3 nights together. (The days in-between will be great, too. We promise.)

We’re strictly limited to 12 couples who can stay in Englebrecht House. It is 2 days, 3 nights and $2500 per couple. Of course, if either of you is an alumni, the 50% discount applies ($1250 per couple, what a deal!)

Jean Carpenter-Backus and Dr. Richard D. Grant

$2,500 per couple

Acadgrads receive a 50% discount, as always (use the coupon code “alumni” when you are checking out.)

If you have any questions, you can contact Daniel Whittington at or 512-720-8801.