Online Video – August 20-21



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* The rooms on campus are full for this class. We are still accepting registration for the class, but you will need to book a hotel room! We can email recommendations if you need them.

Wednesday, August 20th to Thursday, August 21st

During the 365 calendar days of 2011, YouTube delivered more than 1 trillion views. Viewership in 2012 was up by more than 40 percent: 1.46 trillion views.

I mentioned that to you weeks ago. You might remember how I pointed out that one million seconds is about 12 days.

One billion seconds is nearly 32 years.

One trillion seconds is 31,688 years.

A trillion is a lot.

Your customers are gathering information through Google and YouTube.

This means your website and your online videos are vital new half steps that fall between your advertising and your customer’s direct first contact with you. (You know I’m right because you’re doing this, too.  You walk to your keyboard every time you have interest in a product or a service.)

Are your customers finding the information they need?

I’m not talking about Search Engine Optimization. I’m not talking about responding to customer queries made by email. I’m talking about crafting an informative answer to the question you believe your customer will ask and then posting that answer in a video on YouTube. You can also embed that video on your website. How many questions can you answer intelligently? That’s exactly how many YouTube videos you should create.

No need to go back to school to get a degree in film or video. Not only will we focus on the direction and future of online video, but we’ll also give you the tools necessary to start creating your own video content.

 Make sure that your company is being discovered by your customers in their online video searches. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be.

We’ve already had almost 100 people express interest in attending this first ever class at the Wizard Academy. Make sure you act quickly if you hope to be one of the 18 people who get to stay on campus instead of booking a hotel.