Public Speaking 101 – March 4-5



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Public Speaking 101

This 2-day class will be taught in Wizard Academy’s famous Tower in Austin, Texas. It features two expert instructors.

Once introduced as “the most magnetic and mesmerizing speaker in the world today” the Wizard of Ads has been trying to live up to those words ever since. Most attendees agree that his action packed session, “Advertising in America: What Works, What Doesn’t and Why” is possibly the most stimulating three hours they have ever experienced.

In this course, the Wizard will explain the principles and techniques that he, an introvert, has developed to overcome his reluctance to speak. He is routinely paid $25,000 to speak for as little as an hour. Is it possible he might have something to teach you about the art?

Your other instructor will be Steve Rae, a naturally gifted, easy-to-like speaker with an uncanny ability to connect emotionally to his audience. Steve’s techniques are different than Roy’s, but he’s every bit as good a speaker. That’s why the wizard asked Steve to help teach this session. You’ll learn a lot from both men.

This class has been priced at only 
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And if you’re one of the first 17 people to register and pay for the course – and you probably will be since this class typically attracts about 10 participants per session –  a room in Engelbrecht House or Spence Manor (2 days/3 nights) and all your meals will be provided for you at no extra charge.

What, exactly, is the difference between a good public speaker and a great public speaker? According to Steve Rae, a great speaker reaches out to the audience and invites them to sit in the palm of his or her hand. The great speaker commands the material presented and develops immediate trust with the audience. Steve Rae is a great public speaker.
He’ll make you one, too.

Let him teach you how to connect with an audience.

The Book of Lists says the fear of public speaking is the most common fear known to mankind. Yes, more common than the fear of death is the fear of standing in front of an audience. But it’s also the key that unlocks 10,000 doors.

Steve Rae and Roy Williams will help you to transform your fear into a whole different kind of energy. Don’t miss this class. There’s no telling when we’ll be able to coordinate Roy’s and Steve’s schedules again.

Public Speaking 101 continues the Wizard Academy tradition of celebrating
the power of words with two days dedicated to the art of oral presentation.

Learn how to connect with audiences by improving your use of language. Learn how to build immediate rapport in any speaking situation. Learn how to gain trust in your presentation and work on the skills necessary to become an effective presenter.

Public Speaking 101 will help you with:

• Speeches
• Sales presentations
• Keynote addresses
• Meeting presentations
• Asking for a raise
• How to prepare to speak at short notice
• MC work
• Music concerts

The course will cover such topics as:

Content creation

  • building a speech that will draw people into your world
  • using metaphors to explain your concepts
  • learn the necessary elements for every speech
  • learn what every presentation should accomplish
  • active vs. passive language
  • poetry in speeches
  • humor
  • portals
  • Delivery
  • how to deliver speeches people will believe
  • using body language properly
  • overcoming fear
  • how to control your nerves
  • what to do when things go wrong
  • preparation and practiceCome to the course with a 4 to 7-minute speech prepared to let your classmates know who you are. Over the span of the two day course you will write and edit a second speech on an entirely different subject and then as your final triumph, deliver it to the class. You’ll be told the length of the second speech after you arrive. Not all speeches will be the same length. After you arrive, we’ll tell you why the unknown length of the second speech is an important part of your training.Day 1Introductions
    What you hope to achieve
    Content creation
    How to deliver a speech
    First edits on prepared speechesDay 2Portals
    Workshop- small group editing- 2nd edits
    Personal time for editing and practicing