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We now have the walls and the roof on your amazing new cantilevered gym! And, as always, we decided to modify the original plan.

Above and beyond the gigantic, glass garage doors that will look out over the valley below Chapel Dulcinea, we’ve decided to install ten (10) picture windows in your gym. Each window is 2 feet wide and 5 feet tall.

We’re going to put names on each window that look like they’re etched in the glass, so that everyone who is working out in the gym will say, “Gosh, I wish my name was on one of these windows.” (That’s exactly what happened with the monogrammed chairs in the lecture hall of the tower.)

Here’s the cool part: If you decide to sponsor a window for $250, your donation will be tax deductible AND your name – or the name of someone you want to honor – will be “etched” (not really, but it looks like it) on the glass of the window so that everyone in the gym can see it.

You can donate online. You can do it right now.

Your name won’t be on the bronze plaque in the grotto (that costs $1,000 or $5,000, depending on whether or not you want to attend our play-date) but you will definitely be part of the new landmark gym project.

NOTE: Putting names on things at Wizard Academy isn’t about fundraising. It’s about telling our 100,000 visitors per year, “This place was built by a bunch of special people who decided to quit talking and just do the thing.” The worst thing that could ever happen would be if Wizard Academy became a cult of personality. That’s why you never see the names of Roy and Pennie Williams ANYWHERE on campus. Wizard Academy is a school built by its students.

It’s your school, if you want it to be.

Do you want it to be?

Make it so.

$250 per window.
(and we’ve only got 10)

Make your donation(s), then let daniel@wizardacademy.org know exactly how you want your name(s) to read.