The Art of Working (Virtual) – November 12, 2020 Online Workshop



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Thursday, November 12th, 2020
9:30AM to 4:30PM CT
Via Zoom

The Art of Working
You already know your business is unlike anything else out there, and you’re pretty sure your business operation problems are unique too. Guess what? You’re right. So why would you expect some off the shelf business operations software or process, even one that comes with a $400/hour consultant, to be a perfect fit for your business? 
That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.
Here’s the good news: while every business has important differences, there are some constants. When you understand those, you can design ways of working that are ideally suited for you, and then use processes, methodologies, software and consultants to your heart’s delight to make things as simple, or complex, as you need.
What does every business have in common?
  1. They start with ideas
  2. that turn into products or services
  3. which are delivered more or less according to some kind of plan
  4. over some pre-committed period of time
  5. using a limited amount of resources (money, people)
  6. all of which are subject to change, which has to be managed, 
  7. and the success of the entire venture depends on some combination of workers, investors and customers, 
  8. all of whom have to be kept informed, engaged and rewarded
  9. so they produce/invest/purchase enough to allow the business to pursue new ideas…
  10. and so on.

Join us to learn how to figure out the specifics for your business for each of these simple parameters and how to use that knowledge to decide which tools and processes you need to manage each parameter.

We’ll talk about 

  • the three vs. five different phases of planning (and how you know which applies to you)
  • demand and intake management 
  • prioritization approaches from Total Weighted Value to Participatory Budgeting; 
  • project management approaches from simple Kanban to more detailed approaches like Scrum or the more traditional Waterfall approach
  • change management basics
  • definition of done
Don’t worry if none of these words make sense or sound remotely interesting – you’re already the expert in the only thing you need to understand to get started: your business. This class isn’t going to make you an expert in anything new, either. But it will teach you how to use what you already know about your business to make sure the business operations model you implement is exactly – no more, no less – what you need.

1 day – 9:30am to 4:30pm CST
Via Zoom

Price: $500

(Academy alumni receive a 50 percent discount.)

This class is taught by Pegeen Reilly. Pegeen is on the Board of Directors at Wizard Academy and is currently the Director of Learning and Performance Solutions for LinkedIn.

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Pegeen Reilly