The Changing Face of Marketing – August 30-31



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Tuesday, August 30th through Wednesday, August 31st

We are currently sold out of rooms on campus, be we still have a few spaces in class if you don’t mind staying in a hotel!

The New York Times published a story yesterday (May 25, 2016) that will make everyone smile who attended our workshop, “Marketing to Millennials and Their Parents.”

They will smile because the first half of that story confirms what we taught them. “Millennials aren’t a tribe. They are a collection of tribes.” The class would more accurately have been named “Tribal Marketing,” but we named it as we did so prospective students could easily  understand what they could accomplish with tribal marketing.

Yesterday’s New York Times story was called, “Corporate America Chases the Mythical Millennial.” It was written by Farhad Manjoo.

“Sure, the demographic group exists as an amorphous bloc. But you are as likely to come upon an archetypal millennial as you are to run into Joe Sixpack or be invited to a barbecue at the median American household. It’s hard to believe this even needs to be said, yet here we are: Macroscale demographic trends rarely govern most individuals’ life and work decisions. For most practical purposes — hiring and managing, selling to, creating products for — your company may be better off recognizing more discrete and meaningful characteristics in workers and customers than simply the year of their birth.”

Farhad Manjoo’s article made me smile because the second half summarized what we’ll be doing together in this workshop:

“What’s most bizarre about efforts to describe young people as a broad collective is that technology has rendered such generalizations mostly unnecessary. Thanks to social media, smartphones and reams of searchable data, companies can now track their customers and workers in far more precise ways than simply noting their age cohort. They have your purchase and employment histories, your social media musings, your educational history, your credit report. Companies can break you down analytically, psychographically, financially and in just about every other way short of physically.”

Bottom line: this class is going to quickly summarize
1. Tribal Marketing with Roy H. Williams and
2. The Pendulum of Society with Michael Drew,
then move into the “tools” phase of the workshop:
3. FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. marketing
with Ryan Deiss and Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg.
4. Lastly, Roy will talk about the differences in copywriting for a “We” generation compared to a “Me” generation.

2 days, 3 nights.
returning alumni receive a 50 percent discount, as always