The First Canadian Invitational – February 26-27

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Wednesday, February 26th to Thursday, February 27th

What is the First Canadian Invitational?

A few months ago, we were talking with a close friend of the Academy, and he commented that he had a small group of people he would really like to get down to Austin from Canada. Canadians have long been a wonderful source of support to the Academy, and they don’t even get the tax benefits that our American Alumni enjoy!

We talked it over a bit, and came up with something we hope becomes a new Academy tradition.

Our friend cultivated a small group of people that he thought would benefit from a class, chose dates that worked, and chose a class topic that was best suited to the variety of attendees. The only requirements were that they be Canadian and be personally invited by our friend.

Luckily he’s the type that takes initiative, and he had a class booked with people for every room on campus within a month.

So now, I’ll answer a few questions that may have popped into your mind.

Can I attend?

Not this one! This is a private event, and the attendees were specifically chosen and invited by our friend.

Can I do this myself?

Absolutely. Any Alumni of the Academy can gather a group of willing individuals, schedule their own class, and choose the topics and teachers.

 How much does it cost?

You can choose how to charge for it. The Academy cost for a Private Class is $10,000/day. You choose how many days you want it to run. You can either pay the full fee yourself, or you can ask your attendees to split the cost. We have 18 rooms on campus. That comes down to roughly $500/person a day for lodging, food, wine, beer, and incredible teaching.

When can I schedule this?

Anytime we have an opening in the schedule. Reach out to Daniel Whittington at or 512-720-8801 to talk over the details.

Let’s start planning the Second Canadian Invitational.