The Groove of Greatness w/ Kyle Cease – May 12-13



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Tuesday, May 12th through Wednesday, 13th

The Groove of Greatness Seminar
with Kyle Cease, star of Comedy Central

Kyle Cease

Back by popular demand, Comedy Central comedian, actor and speaker Kyle Cease will teach you how to achieve the Groove of Greatness, the effortless art of being authentic, ending stage fright, writing and tapping into your creative self for personal and professional success.

For two powerful days, experience for yourself what life is like when you break out of your old habits and break into your actual imagination. Learn techniques that open up your inner flow, that power which has been sitting dormant for years.

“I don’t believe in motivation.” Kyle said, while flexing his biceps. (Which you don’t care about, because we are in a We cycle) “Your natural state is to evolve. All you have to do is show up, and get out of the way of yourself. You have spent your life being in the way of yourself.”

You already live in a natural flow; the actual reason you get nervous is because you’re trying to make things happen instead of allowing them to. Kyle will show you how to bring out the real you, not the over prepared, too-much-effort you.

You’re going to learn:

  • How to tap into deeper, better writing
  • The easy, faster, real way to make videos, speeches and everything else
  • How to achieve effortless marketing
  • How to leave the consumer, fear-based mind and make the creative mind your default setting
  • How to connect with yourself so you are not a slave to your content
  • How to end stage fright completely
  • The importance of letting go of results (but getting bigger ones in the process)
  • The art of flow
  • Why having fun only will bring about faster results

Escape the mediocrity that rules most peoples’ lives – spend two days with Kyle and others who are “our brand of crazy” and go home with a whole new perspective on life and creativity.

On Day Two, Dr Richard Grant is going to take over!

For over fifteen years, Dr. Grant has trained corporate and government officials in effective communication. He is an expert on Myers-Briggs personality analysis and is one of of the instructors that is consistently listed by Alumni as one of their favorites. By the end of Dr. Grant’s half day, you will have a better understanding of yourself and those around you, and you will have far more grace and empathy for people who used to drive you crazy!

NOTE: This is a special event, NOT a class, so don’t think to yourself, “I’ll catch it next time around.” You snooze, you lose. Remember: there’s a limit to the number of chairs we can squeeze into the tower’s Eye of the Storm.

Tuition: $2000
($1000 for grads)


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