The Magic, Art, and Science of Music – March 16-17




Wednesday, March 16th through Thursday, March 17th

Music and art are like magic. Standing on the outside watching someone else will make it seem like some sort of conjuring trick achieved through unattainable talent.

But one of the purposes of Wizard Academy is to consistently prove one of our long-held theories: technique is more important than inspiration. In other words, you can do it – extremely well – even when you’re not feeling it.

And once you know how to do it on purpose, you’ll realize that practice and hard work can replace intuitive talent more often than you think.

For two days at Wizard Academy, Vice-Chancellor Daniel Whittington and International recording artist and producer, Darren Clarke will teach you the time-tested theories of communication that have been the foundation of Wizard Academy classes since the beginning.

Then we’ll throw you into the middle of it all by having you actively create music with a few seemingly impossible restrictions.

Music is the vehicle, and it will be an amazingly fun time. But the techniques and theories you’ll learn in these two days will leave you with a variety of applications outside of the music world.

This is not a class for people who feel the need to be “understood” through their music. This is a class for our kind of crazy people who love music, love to see it affect others, and want to learn how to use it as an effective tool.

If you’ve ever accused an artist of “selling out”, you probably won’t like this class.

Daniel and Darren will be the maestro’s, you will be the untapped talent, and wine and good food will be the glue that binds it all together.

As a special bonus, we will let you stay in your room on campus until the Monday after the class. That will let you stick around and use Wizard Academy as a home base from which to explore the world’s best independent music festival, SXSW.

We will stop signups for this class when the rooms on campus fill up. That’s only 15 rooms (unless someone wants to crash in Rocinante, the replica of Steinbeck’s camper truck).

Will you be in one of them?

COST: $2,000

Alumni discount applies. Just type “alumni” as your coupon during checkout.

If you have any questions, email Daniel Whittington at or call 512-720-8801