The Vortex Summit – November 3-4, 2021




Wednesday, November 3rd through Thursday, November 4th, 2021

The Vortex Summit on Story, Culture and Experience: How to trigger a marketing “perfect storm” for your brand

In 2014, Ray Seggern hosted the inaugural Vortex Summit to a sold-out room in the Wizard Academy tower.  Those 36 attendees were the first to hear his theory of a marketing vortex…that a brand’s Story, Culture and Experience feed off each other internally and externally to perpetuate business growth.

In the seven years since, Seggern has continued to hone this lens for brand building with his 3 dozen personal clients.  The theory has also been cited far and wide, including a chapter in the Be Like Amazon book written by Jeffrey and Brian Eisenberg, with Roy H Williams.

And now in 2021—as the world continues to shake off a pandemic while dealing with supply chain interruptions and labor shortages—examining these core competencies seems more critical than ever.

With so many companies struggling to find their rhythm with recruiting to keep up with growth.

Join us for a two-day immersive diagnostic of your organization’s story, culture and experience.   This class will contain significant workshopping of how you plot and deliver customer experience, and how you use story to frame those expectations.  And if culture truly is an “inside job” as Seggern suggests, how can you use language and ritual to cultivate a climate of ownership among team members?

Cost is $2,500
Acadgrads (anyone who has graduated
from any other course offered by Wizard Academy)
receive a 50 percent discount.