The Radio Pre-Show – Sept 5th



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Due to the status of Eric Rhoads as a major donor to
Wizard Academy, fans of Radio Ink magazine will receive the 50% discount for this event that is normally reserved only for alumni of Wizard Academy. During the checkout process, use the promo code radioink to receive the discount.

Arrive early for the 2017 NAB/RAB Radio Show in Austin
and learn from radio’s Wizard of Ads, Roy H. Williams.
This exclusive event will be held on the 21-acre campus
of Wizard Academy in Austin.

BIG NEWS: Scientists Test and Refine “Theatre of the Mind.”

Radio People love to talk about “Theatre of the Mind.” Most of them can give you examples of it. A few can even create it. But none has ever been able to explain – step by step – exactly how to do it, and then back that explanation up with published clinical studies using evidence-based scientific process.

Until now.

Jeff Sexton, one of the partners of the Wizard of Ads, followed Roy H. Williams out of Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium on Monday, August 21, the day of Nashville’s total eclipse, and fell into step beside him.

Jeff said, “I can tell from what you’ve been writing lately in the Monday Morning Memo that you’re following the same trail of research I’m following.”

Roy smiled and said, “Doesn’t surprise me at all. That’s why we call you The Professor.”

“That stuff about paratextual confidence is pretty mind-blowing, isn’t it?”


As Jeff began to explain, Roy realized that his partner had been following an entirely different group of cognitive neuroscientists on an altogether different trail.

What Jeff Sexton shared with Roy Williams during the next 20 minutes will soon be major news for advertising professionals around the world.

Radio ad writers, in particular.

Join Jeff Sexton, Roy H. Williams and Eric Rhoads for the historic unveiling of this scientifically-tested and proven method for creating Theatre of the Mind, employing specific techniques to transport listeners into an alternate reality, resulting in significantly increased levels of listener trust in your advertiser.

Sexton will speak during the opening hour of this class in the Tower at Wizard Academy, Austin, Texas.

This class is going to be like Woodstock. Thousands of people are going to claim they were there when this game-changing information was revealed, when in reality it was only 30 people.

Very few seats remain.  And we’ll be taking a photo of who was really there. 🙂

In the Eye-of-the-Storm classroom inside the tower, you will

  1. Get an inside look at the top-performing radio campaigns of the Wizard of Ads; learn how they were created and why they work so much better than most. Your ad campaigns will immediately produce better results.
  2. See a step-by-step process for creating magnetic brands that attract people emotionally. THIS IS WORTH 10 TIMES THE PRICE OF THIS CLASS.
  3. Be given a list of tips for selling upscale products and services. This knowledge will put you head-and-shoulders above radio professionals nationwide.
  4. Eat a marvelous lunch in the banquet hall of the tower.
  5. Experience a hands-on workshop, “How to Write Ads That No One Will See Coming.” (Pay attention and you’ll leave with the best radio copy you’ve ever written.)
  6. Get answers to your questions from the Wizard of Ads and Eric Rhoads, the publisher of Radio Ink magazine.
  7. Understand why a good radio campaign will always outperform online advertising for any brick-and-mortar business.

Our day will begin at 8:30AM and conclude at 3:00 PM.
This gives you plenty of time to get to the opening session of The Radio Show at the J.W. Marriott. (If you’re not planning on attending the show, stick around and we’ll do some extra stuff.)

To insure personal attention, only 30 people will be allowed to attend this event.

This workshop is priced at $1,000 a day per person, but Wizard Academy alumni receive a 50% discount, making your net cost only $500 for this event, AND if you act quickly, you’ll be given a room in one of Wizard Academy’s on-site student mansions at no charge. Arrive in Austin on Monday, September 4th. Wake up on Tuesday the 5th at Wizard Academy. You’ll have a 4-minute walk to the tower. Your life will never be the same.

One last thing: if you’d like to stay in your free, on-campus room for the duration of the Radio Show  (September 5-8) Wizard Academy is happy to let you do that at no additional charge. But remember, this is a really nice dorm room, not a hotel room. There is no room service, no television, no restaurant. Wizard Academy is an educational retreat, not a resort. A resort is where you go to have it all. A retreat is where you go to get away from it all.

There are only 18 on-campus rooms in the student mansions at Wizard Academy. If you want to make sure that rooms are still available, email

Wizard Academy
16221 Crystal Hills Dr.
Austin, TX   78737

(512) 295-5700