Thinking In Business – March 17-18



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Monday, March 17th to Tuesday, March 18th


When you make business decisions, do you “think it through” analytically or “go with your gut” intuitively?

Most people think these are your only two options.

These people are wrong.

Follow twin brothers Mark and Gene Huffman to discover a magical, third way to make fantastic business decisions.

The Cognoscenti of the Magical Worlds Communications Workshop know to look for the third thing that emerges from the poles of any duality held in close proximity.

A duality is any pair of equals-but-opposites.

EXAMPLE: The white wire and the black wire represent positive and negative, but it is only when the two of these are brought into close proximity that the unforeseen third thingemerges: the flow of electric current.

It is the third thing that we’re after. The magic, the power, the miracle is always in the third thing.

Analytical Thinking (left brain) and Intuitive Thinking (right brain) are the equals-but-opposites in the duality of thought.

Design Thinking is the flow of electric current.

The variables that affect your choices can be mind-boggling and the possible outcomes determined by your choices can be gut-wrenching. Leave all that behind. Let the Huffman brothers teach you Design Thinking.

Do you want to bring in more business?

Think it in.

Mark Huffman is a creative executive at Procter & Gamble.

Gene Huffman is a creative executive at T Rowe Price.

These guys are awesome. This is a workshop, not just a seminar, which means you’ll make some important decisions while you’re here.

Take your Thinking to the next level.



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