To Sell the Truth (Virtual) – February 16, 2021 Online Workshop



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Tuesday, February 16, 2021
9:30AM to 4:30PM CT
Via Zoom

To Sell the Truth: Storytelling, Acting, and Your Business


This class is about how to use stories to make a big impact at the right time by:

  • Reading the room.
  • Getting at the core message you want to communicate.
  • And how to put all that together in a way that motivates people.

Telling the truth is at the core of all great storytelling, whether it’s a production at The National Theatre, a TED Talk, or you talking to clients and investors about your business.

Spencer Tracy famously explained his acting process by saying he “just looked the other actors straight in the eyes and told the truth.”

Sure, every great storyteller knows they are only as effective as they are authentic. But this universal truth of, well, TRUTH is not limited to stories. Every single business owner has exactly one product when it comes right down to it: themselves.

At the core of everything we teach here is the ability to understand yourself. How who you are is reflected, for better or worse, in your business. And how to communicate the truth of that to your customers.

In this course, we’re focusing that lens specifically on the twin arts of storytelling and acting.

Learn how to find, and then tell, the truth through the exploration of topics including:

The Science of Storytelling

Want to make a big impact at the right time? Facts are great. Stories are better. Our brains are actually wired for storytelling. When we hear a well-told story, we can’t help responding to it as though the events described were happening to us – our brain puts us right there in the moment, and we make decisions accordingly.

Audience Assessment

Actors don’t have the luxury of knowing who their audiences will be before they hit the stage, but most of the time any of us doing public speaking or leading business meetings will. Learn the key questions to ask yourself before any presentation to make sure you’ve considered your audience and made an effort to begin the work of connection before they’re even in the room.

Digging for Gold

Actors learn how to get at the truth of a character, and their individual story, through review and analysis of the script. How can you apply these techniques to the “script” of your life and your business to get at the core message you want to communicate?

Writing a monologue

The key elements of a strong monologue will sound suspiciously familiar to anyone who’s ever had to make a pitch or presentation: Strong Want, Tactics, High Stakes, Discovery, Engage the Senses, etc. Learn how to bring a little Braveheart to your next quarterly business review!

… and so. Much. More.

1 day – 9:30am to 4:30pm CST
Via Zoom

Price: $750

(Academy alumni receive a 50 percent discount.)

This class is taught by Pegeen Reilly, and Moira Mangiameli.

Pegeen is on the Board of Directors at Wizard Academy and is currently the Director of Learning and Performance Solutions for LinkedIn. Read more about Pegeen here:

Moira is an award-winning actor/director and teacher, appearing in and/or directing countless films, plays and musicals over the years. She is the former Theatre Program Chair at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, IA, served as Director of Education for Nebraska Shakespeare and the Ocala Civic Theatre in Ocala, FL and as Artistic Director for Theatrix at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and RESPECT, a non-profit theatrical touring company specializing in anti-bullying programming. Moira has also lent her vocal talents to Dino Squad (CBS Saturday Morning cartoons) Harlequin Romance books-on-tape and VH1. She has facilitated numerous workshops and seminars to help people hone their communication skills and unearth their creativity. She graduated with an MFA in Acting from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Moira currently works as an Adjunct Professor, while continuing her work as a freelance actor/director and private coach for both individuals and groups.