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A little over 5 years ago, we started the world’s first Whiskey Sommelier School at Wizard Academy.
That was the genesis of the Whisky Vault in the secret room behind the Mezzanine Library floor. If you’ve been to class in the last 4 years, you’ve likely had a chance to visit it.

A little over 2 years ago, we started a YouTube channel talking about whisky. It’s now the number one Whiskey YouTube channel on the entire platform. For 2 years, magnificent and generous people have donated an average of 7 bottles a week to the vault coffers. 

The Whisky Vault has now grown to the point that it can no longer be contained in its original location. We put our heads together, poured a few drams of whiskey, and decided to swap the vault with the Toad and Ostrich Pub. That’s right. Zac and my office is now about to be moved for the first time since I arrived on campus in 2013.

The move of the Whisky Vault and the continued development the Youtube Channel, needs your support.

Watch the video for the details.


*All donations are tax deductible if you live in the USA (sorry Canada)*

There are 4 ways you can donate to this new Adventure:

$20 Donation Level

The name of your choosing will be on a small plaque inside the vault for every visitor to see.

$100 Donation Level
This is limited to 45 donors. 

We will engrave the name of your choosing on a plaque and place it on one of the shelves holding whisky in the new vault. We will leave these up for a full year from the date of you donation. 

$500 Donation Level
This is limited to 12 donors. 

The name of your choosingwill be engraved on the feature shelves that will be displayed directly behind Rex and Daniel as they shoot episodes for the Whisky Vault. We will leave these up for a full year from the date of you donation. 

$5,000 Donation Level
This is limited to 2 donors. 

The name of your choosing will be on a large name plate inside the vault door for all time. You will be invited down to Austin to stay on campus for two nights. (you’ll need to arrange your own flight or travel). For one day, you will be the guest of Daniel Whittington as he takes you around Austin to all his favorite food and whisky locations. You’ll end the evening in the new vault with your choice of refreshments. 

This will make you officially a major donor of Wizard Academy. As such, you have the ability to stay on campus any time you are in Austin area for free as long as no classes are filling up the on campus lodging. 

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