Worthless Bastards Plaid Shorts Gathering – November 13th



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*no alumni discount for this one*

If you are on this page, it is because you were sent a very special invitation. 


Register at your own risk.


The day will have no formal agenda. You can be sure we’ll serve an excellent lunch and dinner.  Other than that, the only thing I can tell you is that we’ll be wearing plaid shorts.

If you come, you’ll be wearing plaid shorts, too. (Seriously. It’s the price of admission.) You’ll need to secure a pair of plaid shorts while stores are still selling them. DO NOT COME if you’re not wearing plaid shorts.

Beyond your investment in a pair of plaid shorts, you’ll have to get yourself to Austin on the evening of November 12th and home again the morning of the 14th. One day, 2 nights.

The weather is usually delightful in Austin in November. But it could be raining.

This invite is being extended to just 20 people, and we only have 18 rooms on campus. Please don’t register unless you’re sure you can come. Your false registration will keep someone else from being able to participate.

And the wizard hopes to see the infamous and infinitely interesting  Worthless Bastards (Tom Grimes, Brett Feinstein and Russell Friedman.)  That leaves just 11 rooms available in Engelbrecht House and 4 in Spence.

We’re going to use the room money to cover the cost of the food and drink and maybe we’ll even have some music.

-VC Whittington