Transformative vs Informative


The MondayMorningMemo for June 30, 2014

“But Isn’t That Communication?”

Institutions of higher education offer a degree path, a specific series of classes that will prepare you for the journey you’re about to take. Wizard Academy’s board of directors is preparing a similar map for those happy adventurers who come here for refreshment, instruction and advice.

Dr. Oz Jaxxon and space shuttle scientist Mark Fox prepared an initial list of core curricula to present to the rest of the board of directors at last Tuesday’s board meeting. It triggered an interesting conversation.

I looked at the list and said, “I like it. Some of these classes are informative – giving students a new set of skills that will take them to the next level. Others are transformative – opening their eyes to new perceptions – giving them a new set of stars to shine brightly among the shadows of the mind, allowing them to navigate with greater confidence.”

Dennis Collins said, “Navigate?”

Knowing that Dennis had spent 40 years in advertising, Princess Pennie answered, “In advertising, navigation is strategy; finding the message that will have the greatest impact.” Dr. Nick Grant added, “The informative classes help you externalize your strategy.”

I was so jarred by the next statement that I can’t remember whether it came from Corrine Taylor, Dr. Lori Barr, or chairman of the board Jean Backus. All I can remember is that a woman’s voice said, “But isn’t that communication?”

“Yes!” I thought, “Public Speaking 101, Advanced Wordsmithing, Writing for Radio and the Internet and the other informative classes help students implement what they learned in transformative classes like Magical Worlds, Escape the Box and Da Vinci and the 40 Answers.”

Speaking and writing, singing and acting and all the other arts flash into existence when you externalize an internal realization.

Transformative classes load you up with internal realizations.
Informative classes equip you to externalize those realizations.
And externalized realizations are called “communication.”

Dr. Grant spoke up again. “Transformative classes give you a new operating system. Informative classes give you cool applications that run on that operating system.”

Small realizations make incremental differences: Evolution.
Big realizations make exponential differences: Revolution.

Which do you need right now?

Have you decided?

Good. We have a class for that.

Roy H. Williams

Discovering The Science In Every Art