What To Do When You Arrive For Class

The first time you attend a class at the Academy, it can be a bit confusing as to where to go and what to do. This is a step by step for those of you who need clarification once you arrive on the property! Arrival

  1. Arrive at 16221 Crystal Hills Drive, Austin, TX 78737.
  2. If the gate is locked when you arrive, see your lodging email for the gate code
  3. When you pull into the property, you’ll hit a “T” junction. Turn left and park in that parking lot.
  4. The building immediately in front of that parking lot is the “Welcome Center”.  Proceed into the Welcome Center to get your room card and map to the campus if needed.
  5. If you need a map to the campus before you arrive, you can print one here…
  6. When you exit the Welcome Center, you’ll see a large wall with bells in it on the right hand side. That’s the creatively named “Bell” Wall. The small door in the Bell Wall is the entrance to Spence Manor and Engebrecht House.
  7. If you’re staying at Spence Manor, walk through the entry in the Bell Wall and immediately turn left. That’s it!  The code to Spence is in your welcome email.
  8. If you’re staying at Engelbrecht House, continue on the sidewalk down the hill towards the 14-room mansion at the bottom of the hill.
  9. If you need a map of the rooms at Engelbrecht, you can get one at the Welcome Center or print one out here…
  10. Check in!

Class Day

  1. Get up and enjoy breakfast at Engelbrecht Kitchen.
  2. Check your email for the start time of class
  3. Either follow someone who knows where they’re headed, or consult your campus map for direction to the Tower.
  4. If you’re not sure, head up the hill back to the parking lot
  5. Turn left and follow the signs towards Chapel Dulcinea
  6. At the Garden of Joy BEFORE you get to Chapel Dulcinea, follow the path to the right until it takes you to the “Old Man and the Sea” Statue.
  7. Turn left and enter the Tower through the Art Gallery level
  8. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor (Eye of the Storm Level)
  9. Enjoy Class!

If you get stuck or can’t figure it out, you can reach Daniel Whittington at 512-720-8801 or daniel@wizardacademy.org