Wisdom From The Academy – December 2014

Wizard Academy Christmas


It’s the end of year wrap-up, with an NPR style discussion of donations…

It’s be a great year! We’ve seen a solid lineup of classes, the launch of this newsletter, and a new video update.

There are two final bits of family business to mention before we head into the new year with resolutions fresh on our lips.

The end of year is often a time when people (and their companies) choose to donate to Non-Profits to lower their tax burden for the year. So I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that Wizard Academy is a 501(c)3 non profit and donations to us are fully tax deductible! You can donate by check or by heading to the home page of Wizard Academy and using the Paypal “donate” button.

We’ll name something after you and put your name on a plaque.
It’s what we do.

Many of you may not know that we offer Private Academies. For $10,000/day (and two nights), you can host your own Private Academy at WA. For that amount you get all 18 rooms on campus, all food and beverages handled, your choice of class topic, and your choice of instructors from our faculty list.

It sure beats hotel ballrooms and stale Subway sandwiches.

I mention it primarily because we are about to raise the price to $12,500/day. As of February 1st, that will be the new daily cost for a Private Academy. However, the lower price of $10,000 per day is good for any date in 2015, as long as the Academy is already paid for by February.

Let me know if you’d like to be involved! The schedule is already filling up for 2015.

Have a Happy Christmas everyone. You’ve helped make our year a great one.

VC – Daniel Whittington

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