Wisdom From The Academy – January 2015

Wizard Academy New Year


We have classes coming out of our ears.

It is 2015, and already the list of interesting classes is growing like grape vines in spring. Below is a short list of the ones that are happening in the next few months.

Money and Love – February 13-14
Dr Nick Grant and Jean Backus held this class last year for the first time. Due to popular demand, we made it an annual event! Two days of wine, discussions of love and communication, practical tips on financial help, amazing food, and even some dancing.
Dancing is optional, much to my relief….

Brandable Chunks – February 18-19
Chris Maddock and Jeff Sexton have sold out this class last year and we ran out of rooms on campus. This is a class focused on writing and developing the message for your company into memorable pieces that can be repeated throughout all of your marketing and communication.
Plus, Chris makes writing feel sexy, and Jeff Sexton brings up the average IQ in the room by 30 points just by walking in.

Public Speaking 101 – March 4-5
This is the first time we’ve held this class in 2 years. You’ll get practical and fun tips on speaking in public, and you’ll get a personal-up-close sighting of that rare and elusive bird called “Steve Rae”.

Direct Response Ad Writing – April 29-30
This class has been held twice and sold out both times. This time around, one of our featured guests will be Ryan Deiss. Yes, THAT Ryan Deiss.  He’ll be adding thoughts about offer packaging to the already packed two days.

If you want to get rooms on campus for any of these, let me know soon!

Below is a list of truly interesting things our Alumni are doing in 2015.

There’s also a fiddle album down there.

I’m just saying.

VC – Daniel Whittington

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