Wisdom From The Academy – March 2015

April is for Spring

April is for a Special Guest

On April 29th and 30th, we are hosting the next Direct Response Ad Writing class. It’s been a sold out class the last 2 times we held it, and this time we have another special guest. Many of you know or have heard of Ryan Deiss. You many know him as www.digitalmarketer.com

Ryan will be a guest at this year’s class. If you’ve ever wanted to hear from Ryan Deiss in a private room of less than 40 people, this is your shot.

April is for Happy Hour
On April 17th, we are hosting an afternoon class called “How to Sell Upscale Products“. It’s a Friday afternoon at WA. No rooms on campus are available, but we will have wine and treats. As an extra bonus, it coincides with Happy Hour at The Toad and Ostrich Pub where we have the largest scotch collection in Austin, TX.

It would be lovely to see you here.

VC – Daniel Whittington

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